Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Champion who Became a Bully

I have always been a supporter of Israel. For one thing, I have family there, and I am Jewish by birth. I always felt, that for the most part, they were in the right. They were just defending themselves. I have never been scared about the destruction of Israel…until now.

In previous years we have seen Israel fight off invading forces. Not always pretty, but understandable. The fact is, there needs to be a Jewish state. The history of the world is nothing but the banishing and killing of Jews. There is almost no other country where they are safe from that sort of persecution.

Because it was started by those who experienced the Holocaust, or knew someone who had, they are always on alert and ready to strike. Never again will they be defenseless against their own demise. It also does not help that every country surrounding this itsy bitsy country wants to blow it off the map.

Today, I AM scared for them. The government has been taken over by hawks, when they need more dovelike politicians. Somewhere in between would be nice. They were the champions for the Jewish people, but now they have become the bully.

What scares me, other than some of their over the top reactions, is they are succeeding in angering the entire world. In the past, there was dislike from some countries, but the US remained a solid supporter. This is not the case anymore. If they lose the relationship with the US, they will lose all credibility from the rest of the planet. They are lighting the fuse of the bomb that will decimate the entire country.

There are minute details of these internal political matters, that I cannot understand, but there has to be a smarter way. The Israeli leaders are smart men, but they are NOT using their brain. It is like the entire government is run by individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder, always ready to react in the instinctual way of a wounded animal. This kind of response will destroy them.

Because I share some of their background, I can understand why they respond this way, but logically speaking, they cannot afford to. They have to find another method, they need to use logic and those big brains of theirs, or the haven they have built will transform into a new holocaust of their own making.