Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...And so it begins

This is my 1st blog entry ever!! Do they give you a party for that accomplishment? I really did not see the point in participating in yet another fad that I would eventually give up on. But last night I had a thought (I know, shocking, but it does happen every now and again), and even stranger, I felt like publishing that thought for all to see. Does this make me sick? Should I seek mental help? The answer is yes, but not for this.

Last night as I was dozing, a light went off (no pun, I swear). I do not know why thoughts tend to come out right as I slip into slumberland, but this is often the case. In lieu of just hearing about Circuit City declaring bankruptcy and DHL ceasing to exist in the States, I was thinking about the economic troubles and how it felt real for the 1st time.

All of a sudden I realized that this recession seems bad, but the after effects may also be positive. It is not the end of the world, simply the beginning of a new one. All these companies, like dinosaurs, are struggling with this new changing climate. Most will not make it, and the world as we know it may seem bleak at 1st. But in the aftermath a new civilization can emerge, like the growth after a devastating forest fire.

The economic climate as we knew it, is shifting and dissipating, but is that really bad? As a society I believe we are moving to a more all encompassing world view. We are finally beginning to realize what we do effects the world we live in. This shift of views causes ripples in the very fabric of our existence, how could it not?

Could things keep getting worse? It is true that nothing is certain, and all is unpredictable. We have one thing in our favor that the dinosaurs did not, adaptability. I believe we can adapt and overcome such times as we face now. I think once the fire subsides, we will see that little bit of green emerge from the earth. We will be a glorious forest after all. We just need to weather this storm...

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Mark said...

The family that blogs together stays together. Happy to have your and Noah's thoughts to follow now.