Friday, November 14, 2008

Time and Space

OK, this is just a thought that has been swirling around in my head the last week, sorry for inflicting it upon you my humble readers.

You know how you can technically be aware of a fact, but never really think about what it means? One day, as you are falling to sleep, it hits you, and it feels so profound. Of course, when you tell someone, they look at you like "Hello? Is your village missing their idiot?"

I have discovered there is a difference between knowing a fact, and really understanding this fact. Most people would say they understand certain facts, but in reality, they never feel them, visualize them. When this happens, something that you knew becomes so real to you. For those who do not get my meaning, I am sorry. I am often told I could use an interpreter.

The other night, as I was falling asleep, of course, the idea of time being a human contruct finally really sunk in. Time as we know it is as real as daylight savings time. There actually may be a real time out there, but we are not following those rules. For example, time zones. It is 3 hours earlier in California, but it really isn't. To the earth, the time is exactly the same regardless of the position of the sun. This is simply how we percieve day and night. If we were to judge time fairly, we would have to alter what time means in each timezone. For example, where the sun is positioned in California would not dictate the time there. When it is 8pm here on the east coast, it may be dark, but there 8pm would always be some degree of sunny. That is REAL time.

I have always said we shape our realities based on our perceptions, this only fortifies my belief of that. OK, I am done. I should go back to my village now, they miss me.

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