Sunday, December 21, 2008

And Baby Makes....Too Damn Many

Ok, I need to start off this blog entry with a disclaimer (So bear with me). If you are the type of person who coos over babies, thinks parenthood is the greatest aspiration in life, or you have already picked out the nursery room in your over-mortgaged house, this may not be the best piece of writing for you to read.

I will not be in any way glorifying motherhood, or claiming that it is the gateway to heaven. If anything, this entry will be doing the opposite. I am sorry if this offends the gentle readers of my auspicious blog, I do apologize. This is, as most of the entries on my blog are, a rant.

I was perusing through the TV line-up a couple of weeks ago, when I noticed a show listed called Jon & Kate Plus 8. I was intrigued so I read further. This “reality” TV show is about a husband and wife who wanted children, but was afraid they would not be able to conceive since she was diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I can relate, I have it too. Anyway, they had fertility treatments, and voilá, they have twins.

Before these said twins turn one, Mom is already drooling for one more, claiming that she wanted to know what it felt like to not have to split her time between two babies. I do not know about you, but I think by having another child, she will have three children to take up her time.

This leads me to one of my points and questions. Just because you can, should you?

Why is our ability to breed directly fanning the flames of our self esteem as women? If a woman is unable to reproduce, she automatically feels that she is somehow lacking as a woman, that she must be defective in some way.

I am so tired of those parents who act like just because they have the ability to mate, and produce children from said mating ritual, that somehow they have set aside a spot at the holy table. Here is a tip, ladies, you are built to produce children, no different than any other animal on the planet. What is amazing is a woman who welcomes a strange child into her home to love and care for, yet they are not related. That requires true virtue of spirit.

I know that this opinion of mine will not be popular. If one mentions a feeling of this nature, even those women who do not want or care for children race to defend procreation. Do not misunderstand me. I DO NOT hate children, or the idea of having some of my own. I merely get annoyed with the Mothers who think this act defines them, and provides them with extra privileges in this life and the next. If and when I have children, that will not be my school of thought.

To return to Kate. Since she wanted to try for one more baby, she went back on the meds, and hence had sextuplets. Now she has eight children to split her time. For this reason alone, she now has her own show.

I have two words taken from the great Charlie Brown for that, Good Grief!

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