Monday, January 19, 2009

Tassimo's Away!!!!!

Well, for Christmukah this year, Noah and I received a giftcard that enabled me to get a Tassimo single cup brewer. Let me say this is a fantastical device.

The last two years have been spent drooling at Linen's 'n Things with visions of lattes dancing in my head. There was always some bill, some reason I could not make the "minor" investment in the object of my desire. Finally that cycle has come to an end.

So you may ask (or not, but I will tell you anyway), why did she want the Tassimo and not Keurig or some other single cup coffee brewer/espresso machine/tea maker/hot chocolate device? Well, for one, I had tried it before when they were sampling at the Target, and second, they carry one of my favorite coffees, Kenco.

This coffee, normally impossible to get here in the States, is an import from the good Ol' UK. I tried it when I went to London back in 2001. The most amazing thing is the coffee is INSTANT. I had sworn off American instant years ago because it is vile. This coffee did not taste like instant. It was full bodied and smooth, an absolute perfect cup.

The one problem I encountered, is that importing it into the US was more difficult than smuggling a sex slave who ingested over five grams of heroin as a mule. Then the Tassimo brewer was released. All I did was wish for one. Now I finally have one.

Tonight I christened it, her name is Oh My God, cause I kept saying that over and over. The latte was more like a cafe au lait, but it was a perfect cafe au lait. I have to say that her most impressive feature is the way in which she knows what the drink is, and therefore, how much hot water to dispense.

The coffee, and other beverage making materials, come in something called a T-disc that has a bar code on the top. When you place the disc in the machine, it reads the bar code and dispenses the right amount of water. Man I wish all things worked that perfectly.

It may be endorphin related joy, and it may not last, but for now.... all is right in the world. Thank you Oh My God.

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