Friday, January 23, 2009

What a Mess!!!

Okay, it is time to get back to what I do best, ranting.

I am positively sick to death of hearing about the Israeli crisis. Everyone has an opinion, and most opinions are valid, but logic rarely figures into these opinions at all. It is infuriating.

I am so done with the media blathering on about the big bad Israelis beating up on the pathetic and defenseless Palestinians. Stand back from your own opinions for a moment, and look at this objectively. The Palestinians are not defenseless; they just lack the skill, and military brains the Israelis have. They ARE shooting like 30 rockets into civilian territory, the fact that they aren’t able to hit more of their desired targets and kill more people, only shows what bumbling idiots they are. What would ANY other country do if a neighbor started shooting rockets at their denizens? What would we do? If Canada started bombarding our cities, I can tell you that we would not just roll over and let them defile us.

I am very sure that Israel knows this will hurt their image, but they cannot let another group of people murder their innocent. Asking them not to defend themselves is asinine. If I were Prime minister, I might have done it differently, sure. Israel has an amazing military, capable of great stealth. I would have sent several stealth teams in at night to kill the Hamas thugs quietly. It would be more likely to get only the intended targets, less likely to have civilian casualties.

On every news channel all they seem to talk about is the Israeli bullies. I would be very interested to hear one of these commentators give one reasonable suggestion of what Israel should do instead of trashing them to the public. Israel must defend its people. If you do not like it, what effective method could you suggest?

I know this point of view may not be PC, but we do not live in a PC and peaceful world. How I wish we did. The fact is, you cannot reason with terrorists. This conflict will not end anytime soon, if at all. If people could look at an issue with a logical mind, conflict would cease. But humans are not that good at disconnecting their emotions from their perception. For this reason, we will most likely always have strife and misunderstanding. Yet I hope…

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