Saturday, April 4, 2009

Universal Harmonics

If you put forth positive energy it is returned to you. Sometimes small, sometimes not. I personally love those smaller return moments. There is something intimate and gleefully personal in the experience, whether it is you on the returning or the receiving end. For a small moment in time, you have truly connected with another being. Just one, maybe two, but that moment can affect you in the most profound way.

Let me explain based on my own experience. Now please understand, I am NOT discussing this to toot my proverbial horn. I simply wish to share with you the experience. These types of events can happen to anyone at anytime. The trick is to be conscious of those little, yet significant, gifts we receive in life’s unmarked wrapping paper.

One day, I was going to meet a friend at Tysons Corner Mall. I was parked and heading for the mall entrance when I saw these two older ladies inching their way towards the mall and looking about to find a way to get to the appropriate level of the garage.

One of these women was supporting the other who was moving very slowly and with great difficulty. I stopped and asked them where they were heading, and I was informed that indeed the mall was their desired destination. Considering the labored gate of the one woman, I knew the stairs were definitely out of the question, and I could not remember where there was an elevator.

I requested that they wait until I could fetch my car, which was parked only a few paces away from where we were standing. I could drive them right to the overpass from the garage to Macys. From there I could contact the customer service desk and have a cart brought directly to her. After making the call, we waited. Several minutes passed and I asked her to have a seat on the stairs while I kept watch for their arrival.

We spoke while we waited, and it turned out that it was her birthday, and for her birthday, she wanted to go to Tysons Corner mall. They were sweet ladies. During our conversation, I also gleaned that the one woman with limited mobility had suffered a stroke, and that was the cause of her impaired movement and speech. I was late meeting my friend, but it was well worth the delay.

This may be a corny message, but it a message that needs to be shared. The key to fulfillment is not something you will find just in yourself. For this is a universe of balance. No act of kindness is insignificant. To the individual(s) you bestow that kindness, you are a hero.

Positive energy is like a cloak of protection you wrap around yourself, and you will discover that the universe finds a way to send some of that compassion back to you. It is not cosmic payback, but simply balance and harmony working as it should, like an intoxicating dance. I extend my hand. Care to take a spin about the room?

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Mark said...

That was a meaningful deposit in your karmic savings account. I am certain that good things come to those who wait, especially those who wait on sweet old ladies on their birthdays. Thanks for sharing this.