Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alright MAC, we get it already!

OK, I get it! Mac is better than PC. If there is any point those annoying Mac ads have drilled into our skulls, it is that. The simple fact is, it may be a better machine, but they still price themselves out of the average person’s budget. Let us also not forget that there are numerous compatibility issues with Macs.

But the main focus of this rant is those ads. I wants to smack the freakish smirk off that pompous twit’s , Mac’s, face. The little twerp is arrogant, and mocking most of the American public.

Recently there was an ad where PC travels into the future to see if he still sucks. All they focus on is that PC still does not work as preferred. No one mentions the fact that PC has the ability to traverse the space time continuum. HELLO??

Mac may have less trouble, but hell, PC has performed a miracle! So, screw you Mac!?

OK, maybe I should not have had that 12th latte. :-p

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Anonymous said...

Done in a perfect style of OK Records!!